Thursday, October 06, 2005

Q and A

First Name:
Richard, but you can call me Rich!

Were you named after anyone?
No, but am often asked if I'm named after Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey)

Do you wish on stars?

When did you last cry?
Last time I got upset.

Do you like your handwriting?
Can't remember.

What is your favorite lunchmeat?
I'm vegetarian.

What is your birth date?
January 27th 1962

What is your most embarrassing CD?
That depends who's looking at my CDs...

If you were another person, would YOU be friends with you?
That would depend on whether I was another person I liked.

Are you a daredevil?

Have you ever told a secret you swore not to tell?
That would be telling.

Do looks matter?
That would depend on who was looking at me.

How do you release anger?
Primal screams in my car on the Freeway.

Where is your second home?

What was your favorite toy as a child?
A Dalek rolykin.

What class in high school do you think was totally useless?
I can tell you the teachers I thought were totally useless...

Do you have a journal?

Do you use sarcasm a lot?
Well, some people are just asking for it!

Favorite movies?
Alien, Blade Runner, The Big Blue, Notting Hill, Jean de Florette/Manon de Source.

What are your nicknames?
Rich! Starky. TBD.

Would you bungee jump?
Not now I have kids, but I would have before.

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
You can UNTIE your shoes?!?

Do you think that you are strong?
Emotionally or Physically?

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

Shoe Size?
6 1/2 UK 7 US

What are your favorite colors?
Orange. White.

What is your least favorite thing about yourself?
My short temper.

Who do you miss most?

What color pants are you wearing?
Khaki shorts.

What are you listening to right now?
iTunes. Vangelis. Sigur Ros. Radiohead. Bob Geldof. Oasis's The Importance of Being Idle.

Last thing you ate?
Healthy Frosted Flakes in milk and a cup of coffee.

If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
I wouldn't be a crayon. You should see what my kids do with them.

What is the weather like right now?
Santa Ana hot in October. 90 degrees yesterday.

How Are You Today?
Hot. See above.

Favorite Day Of The Year?
Every day above ground is a great day.

The first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
That they're the opposite sex, obviously!

Favorite Drink?

Favorite Sport?

Hair Color?
Grey/Dark Brown

Eye Color?
I have overactive pigmentation glands and my eyes are sometimes blue, sometimes grey, sometimes green, sometimes hazel.

Do you wear contacts?
When I remember.

Favorite Food?

Last Movie You Watched?
On TV, Before Sunset; at the movies, Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Scary Movies Or Happy Endings?
Both. See above.

Summer Or Winter?

Hugs OR Kisses?
As often as possible.

What Is Your Favorite Dessert?
Hey! Bad enough you have to make a choice at the restaurant!

Who Is Most Likely To Read this Blog?

Who Is Least Likely To Read this Blog?
Joe. (No, the other one.)

Living Arrangements?
The family home. Studio on the side.

What Book Are You Reading?
Animal Liberation by Lori Gruen, Peter Singer and illustrated by my old mate Dave Hine.

What's On Your Mouse Pad?
A wireless mouse.

What Did You Watch Last night on TV?
BBC News. Lost. The Daily Show and The Road to 9/11 -- on TiVo.

Favorite Smells?
Good food cooking. My kids' hair.

Rolling Stones or Beatles?
The Beatles, of course.

Do you believe in Evolution or Creationism?
The one that doesn't need me to believe in it for it to be happening all the time!

What's the furthest you've been from home?
I'm always at home.


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